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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Toribio, MD

Buttock Augmentation

It is the intervention in which is remodeled can increase and lifts the buttocks. The purpose of these procedures is to make a stylized gluteal shape with adequate volume and projection. The type of buttock augmentation depends on the needs of each particular case, these techniques can also be combined for best results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The technique of fat injection to increase the buttocks is a novel technique that offers natural and aesthetic results to people who want to increase the size of their buttocks and do not want silicone implants. Fat injection has the advantage that it allows us to put the required amount in those parts that are required, facilitating the modeling of the buttocks. The technique is to aspirate fat from several areas of the body (hips, waist or back) and then injected into the gluteal areas that need to be treated. Due to the physiological behavior of the fat is likely that a proportion of it placed in the buttocks is absorbed.

Very slim patients have a decreased body fat percentage so getting enough fatty tissue in some cases is not adequate, so that the use of silicone implants for buttocks is recommended.

Buttocks With Prosthetics

The surgery is done by making a cut of 4 cm. approximately in the line between both buttocks through there a pocket located between the gluteus maximus muscle placing a special prosthesis is constructed for this purpose.

Gluteus implant is similar to breast implant, although it varies in certain characteristics of shape for use at the level of the buttocks.

Every time develop more prostheses and the current trend is to place biodimensionales prosthesis or prosthesis is adapted to the characteristics form of the buttock and filled with a cohesive gel (with similar physical characteristics gelatin).


Legs Augmentation

Legs Augmentation Toribio, MD

Legs augmentation is trying to reshape the figure and obtain a curvature and volume in the calf area that are similar to those achieved with exercise.

Placement of Implant lower legs is a surgical procedure to increase the volume of the area of the gastrocnemius muscle in the legs, molding your shape and improving body contouring for men and women. This procedure simulates the natural development of that muscle legs by implanting soft silicone prosthesis.

Another advantage of this treatment is it possible to provide the volume and length of the twins in the patient, and improve the shape and the back surface of the legs.

It is recommended for:

  1. People who despite not having any specific pathology fail to increase muscle mass in this area and achieve the desired curvature in twins, having legs unbalanced muscle level .

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