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Breast Augmentation

Mamoplastias Dr Toribio

For many patients achieve a dream is getting a breast augmentation. "The breast augmentation has been for years one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries by women between 20 and 45 "

Despite the wealth of information on this topic there are doubts and common myths in all patients. The most common are:

1 - Can I get pregnant and breastfeed after implant placement, or better I expect to have my last child?

Answer: If you were to get pregnant after a breast augmentation surgery would not have any problem when feeding your baby.

2 - Which plane is better to place the breast implant?

Answer: There are several levels, behind the mammary gland itself, behind the muscle fascia, but in front of the muscle, behind the muscle and finally a combination that lies between the muscle in the upper segment and behind the gland in the lower segment . Having said that every patient has indications referring, not all are equal, your doctor will decide together with the patient.

3 - What happens if the prostheses breaks or encapsulated?

Answer: If a patient has broken his prosthesis, it is best to withdraw as soon as possible and place new prosthesis. If they are encapsulated, should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon to decide what would be the conduct to go.

Breast Reduction

Mamoplastia Reductora Dr Toribio

Mammary Hypertrophy. "Very Large Breasts"

Currently there is no ideal breast size and beauty standards vary widely from one person to another and from one country to another. In any case the most important thing is that women feel comfortable with their breasts and if that is not the case there is a surgical solution.

It is called breast hypertrophy to excessive breast volume. Its volume may appear as an isolated symptom or may occur accompanied by fall of the breast (ptosis). Overall it is a result of excessive development of the mammary gland and adipose tissue inside.

Breast hypertrophy occurs in patients with functional disorders and psychological. The more common functional abnormality occurs in the spine. The weight of large breasts causes increased of kyphosis (curvature of the spine) whose purpose is to balance the weight distribution. Following this change in position causes early onset of osteoarthritis of the spine.

The reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) is a surgical procedure that aims to correct breast hypertrophy (decrease the volume and weight of the breast) by conducting a series of surgical incisions that will remove excess tissue and sagging breast and skin. Furthermore, this intervention is complemented by a reduction in size of the areola. This is achieved by placing the breasts in a more harmonious and firm position with the rest of the body and you get a great look.


Mastopexy Toribio, MD

Breast Ptosis (breasts Fall)

Breast ptosis is falling or progressive fall in the breast. It is absolutely natural that over time transform the breasts of women, being a normal physiological consequence progressive loss of elasticity of the fibers of the skin. Factors such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, lactation or obesity, in addition to gravity may promote breast ptosis.

Women with breast ptosis have excess skin in the breast, this is thin, laxa and low elasticity. They may have stretch marks. When a woman has breast ptosis walk to the observation, the breasts take a lower position than normal.

The ptosis has several classifications, depending on the location of the nipple-areola, regarding mainly the breast fold or furrow. The diagnosis is made by the specialist who will advise you on the treatment to follow.

The surgery that is performed to raise breast is called mastopexy and can be performed with or without breast implants, aims to reposition the breast and remove excess skin. In this surgery, the scars are visible and the surgeon who will evaluate the technique, and the quality of the skin of the patient. The patients are very satisfied with the results of this type of intervention.


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